Category: Typewriters

Panel from an old comic book with a finger pressing the "hate ray" button

A surreal collection of hilarious panels from vintage comics. A proposal to make an emoji of an oyster with a pearl. An R2D2 translator. Speaking of which, here’s a budgie that makes R2D2 noises! A study finds that students who lose access to legal marijuana do better in school. (Here’s the original paper itself, entitled “‘High’ Achievers?”.) A small Vermont utility is embracing solar and battery storage. An algorithm that takes a sentence and finds a single word that sounds like like its average sound. Via @boingboing, a lovely typewriter from the 1950s for composing musical scores. Judged by historical mortality rates, nuclear is — by far and away — the safest form of energy. A cool-looking coffee table made from Ikea magazine holders, via Ikeahackers. The best bars in Brooklyn at which to code. Fourteen of Picasso’s self-portraits show the evolution of his style. QZ interviews me about the much-misunderstood Luddites.


Photo of a transparent swintec typewriter
A terrific story on how inmates use transparent-plastic typewriters made by Swintec; here’s where you can get one yourself. The CIA’s guide to clear writing. A gorgeous and moving one-minute sci-fi film. A neural network that translates pictures of food into recipes. A command-line app for Slack. Talk about geo-engineering is getting more serious. NASA puts up a trove of video of experimental test flights.

(Pic above from this Etsy listing of a Swintec!)