Category: Open source

A row of "Lixie" tubes

The Lixie, an inexpensive and open-source update on the famous “Nixie” numerical tube-displays. “Subsurface Exolife”, a paper that analyzes “the prospects for life on planets with subsurface oceans”.  CSS Grid is pretty cool. A poem by Leonard Cohen that explains what one ought not to find surprising about nazis. Here’s the 1753 book on how to annoy people: An Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting (subhead: “With some General INSTRUCTIONS for Plaguing all of your Acquaintances”). The arrival of the first giraffe in Paris in the 1820s caused quite a sensation. An animated gif that can produce, in some, an illusion of sound. Using sensors in mobile phones to predict how drunk you are by analyzing changes in your gait.