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A google ngram chart showing lines for clown fear searches

The recent rise of coulrophobia — the fear of clowns. (Via¬† @TSchnoebelen) The “heart gambit” was a proposal to embed the nuclear codes in a capsule inside the chest of a White House staffer; to launch a strike, any president would have to kill the staffer themselves first and extract it. A “snow day calculator.” It’s 110 pounds in weight and 16 feet across, on average: Behold the newest species of octopus to be discovered, the “frilled giant pacific”. (Via @harryallen) How adding iodine to US salt may have have boosted the IQ of Americans. There’s an uncanny valley for food, something I once wrote a column about for Wired. The path to $100 LIDAR, or, self-driving everything. Piano hacking.