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A screengrab of the video game Cuphead, showing Cuphead fighting a massive cigar

omg I want to play Cuphead, a game animated in the style of early Disney. A mobile phone with removable screens, for passing around and sharing. An argument, based on quantum mechanics, that claims to prove we’re not living in a simulation. Apple considered as being terrible at design. On the glory of Webster’s 1828 dictionary. A bookmarking tool specifically for developers. The challenge of translating the very first line of The Illiad. Utterly mesmerizing: A band uses the buffering delay on Facebook Live as a looping mechanism. Seriously, go watch that now.


People taking smartphone pictures of van gogh's "Starry Night"

A study finds that snapping pictures of art in a gallery slightly improves your recall of it. (Previous work has found precisely the opposite.) An overturned truck spilled 7,500 pounds of “slime eels” onto a highway. Facebook’s “Mom problem”: If she’s the first one ‘like’ a post, the algorithms assume it’s family-related. A study of 147 cases where praying mantises slaughtered birds. (Yi, the photos are creepy.) “Our young moon’s supersonic winds made waves in its magma ocean.” The joy of typing. A cool new Javascript library for writing bots: If you read only one paper about the asymmetric metaphoric mapping of polysemous words, make it this one. A Kickstarter campaign for Sonnet, long-range-radio hotspots that connect mobile phones off the grid (and mesh!) You’ve heard of the “last mile” problem; here’s the “middle mile” problem. How to keep the romantic flame alive? View your partner’s face amidst a stream of pictures of puppies and bunnies.