Category: Dithering

The new site

From 2002 to 2013, I blogged at my old site Collision Detection — and had a riotously fun time doing so.

That site ran on Movable Type, a blog-engine that was super cutting-edge in 2002 … but today is a creaky mess; so much so that it became somewhat unpleasant to use, which is part of the reason I drifted away from dailyish blogging. (The other part was the well-known problem bloggers have: Twitter was more fun, and where all the audience was!) Anyway, I kept intending to relaunch Collision Detection using WordPress, but every time I investigated doing so, I’d run into a welter of technical problems: Preserving the formatting, preserving all the delicious Google manna I’d built over the years, figuring out how to prune all the spambot comments. (Or better yet, figuring out preserve all the spambot comments, since they’re probably the closest humanity has yet gotten to passing — in a practical sense — the Turing Test, as I discovered the night I bored a sexy-talk-chatbot into silence.)

Oh, how I dithered! Anyway, I finally decided …

  • to leave Collision Detection up and untouched, with all of its crepuscular Movable-Type code intact.
  • to take this URL, which I’d never really used, and make it a “personal site”: An archive of my journalism, stuff about my books, glamorous headshots, etc.

Thus this site!

And I must say, WordPress is soooo lovely compared to Movable Type.

(BTW, a big shoutout to Bad Johnny, the designer who created the blog theme I’m using here. It’s clean and crisp and I love it.)