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Screenshot of "woebot", a chatbot therapist on Facebook Messenger

Behold “Woebot”, a therapist chatbot that lives on Facebook Messenger. (It does cognitive behavioral therapy.) Twenty years after a prankster put a pumpkin atop Cornell’s McGraw Tower, we still don’t know who did it, or how. The story behind the paperclip-apocalypse game. Behold the online mattress-review wars. Why background chatter in your office distracts you, but not the chatter in cafes. Meet the highest US judge who’s been coding for decades — in BASIC. Patriotic stress balls. What the US would look like divided into concentric rings of equal population. Can fish get depressed? Creating about 40 times the weight of the Earth in gold: When neutron stars collide. Jeremy, “the lefty snail”, is dead. Moo: The programming language “COW” has been implemented in Javascript.


Photo of a transparent swintec typewriter
A terrific story on how inmates use transparent-plastic typewriters made by Swintec; here’s where you can get one yourself. The CIA’s guide to clear writing. A gorgeous and moving one-minute sci-fi film. A neural network that translates pictures of food into recipes. A command-line app for Slack. Talk about geo-engineering is getting more serious. NASA puts up a trove of video of experimental test flights.

(Pic above from this Etsy listing of a Swintec!)