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Photo of text of a joke about Windows

Coder humor. The number of cyclists in NYC who commute to work by bike has exploded, with over 46,000 now, almost 3X the total of ten years ago. German media ponders how to cover the inevitable slew of politically-motivated hacks/leaks in their upcoming election. Ethereum miners are leasing 747s to rush bulk purchases of GPUs to their mines. The rise and fall of Soundcloud. (A well-reported piece, but check out the hilarious correction appended at the end.) A bot that tweets a few random patent filings every day. Calculating the longest possible game of chess. (tl;dr: It’s 5,951 moves.)


page of poetry that J.M. Coetzee algorithmically generated using the Atlas 2 computer in 1962

Nobel-prize-winning novelist J.M. Coetzee was a programmer on the 1962 Atlas 2 computer; at night, he used it to algorithmically generate poetry. The total eclipse of 1878 created a stampede of US scientists out west to behold it. To tamp down on bots — in politics, social media, and product reviews — Tim Wu proposes a “Blade Runner” law. Goethe’s 1797 poem “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is a tale for our software-enabled time; here’s a 2013 English translation. A fun retrospective on the “Netflix Prize” of a decade ago. (Back then, I wrote a story for the New York Times Magazine¬†on the contest, where I learned about “the Napoleon Dynamite problem”.) Two AIs, tasked with talking to each other, invented their own language.