A chart at Digiconomist showing the power usage of Bitcoin compared to that of several countries
Bitcoin uses so much electricity it is equal to 45% of the energy used in the Czech Republic, and about 6% of that used in Canada. NASA just commanded Voyager 1 to fire up its thrusters for the first time in 37 years; they worked perfectly. “Appeals to Passion, Venom, Sensationalism, Attacks on Honest Officials, Strife, Distorted News, Personal Grievance, [and] Misrepresentation”: The shoddy journalism of 1910. A philosopher makes the case the virtues of never being born. A study finds most Redditors vote on a link without reading the article. A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, though they’re not as sure what the alternate should be; intriguing and subtle stuff here. Ten years of Kindle design. I am going to make this lovely angled origami box.


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