Photos of hurricane clouds, from US government fly-throughs

Photos of hurricane clouds, taken by government fly-throughs. The “Knight TouchBar 2000”, an implementation of KITT’s chaser hood-animation on the Macbook TouchBar. Our corner of the universe increasingly appears to be “weird”, and possibly unrepresentative of the rest of reality. “Empathy produces data on what it is like to be other people.” A history of the idea of Purgatory. Bird feeders appear to be creating evolutionary pressure that makes bird-beaks longer. Tim Carmody on the experience of time in Dante’s Inferno, and how it relates to our last Trumpian year. Debugging a program by listening to the PCM data-dump in Audacity, to locate the memory leak. Contented hippos. What actual government policies could respond to mass-employment-by-automation? “Edgar Allan Poe is dead … but few will be grieved by it.”: A positively brutal obituary.


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  1. Ken Knudson

    “It has long been assumed that our galaxy is a classic example of many of the galaxies that pepper the cosmos. That’s important…”. Well, no, no it’s not. I get a kick out of these folks and their hubris. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as interested in all things astronomical as the next guy — it’s fascinating stuff. But “important”, in the context of life in our teeny tiny backwater of the cosmos, is stretching the definition of the word.

    1. Clive Post author

      Sorry, just saw this comment now for some reason!

      Heh, very true. “Important” only to us, in our little nook in the corner of reality …


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