A mesmerizing “water droplet” kinetic sculpture. A study of the culture of IMDB’s old discussion boards, which were shut down last winter. Deep learning considered as “woodworking without physics”. An attempt to train a neural net to understand the emotional import of a hurricane. Deep inside his hacky, serialized novel Jack Engel, Walt Whitman tucked a short exuberant passage that presaged Leaves of Grass. I want to get better at regex and am gonna buy this book. The phrase “killer app” is dreadful; here are some better replacements. The problems you get when trolls try to intentionally contaminate big, open data sets. The fascinating lineage of philosophers who defend extravagance. The story of why I’m @pomeranian99.


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  1. Ken Knudson

    I’ve heard parts of the Pomeranian99 story before and am unaccountably fascinated by the phrase Ukrainian dairy farmer. It just sounds so idyllic or something…

    1. Clive Post author

      I think my grandfather enjoyed the dairy farming quite a lot! Things were pretty harsh early on in his life; his father died when he was 16, and left him with a bunch of debt, but he worked out from underneath it and became a pretty successful farmer. I have really wonderful memories of playing on the farm …


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