Photo of a whale tail emerging from the water
This year’s winners of Scuba Diving Magazine‘s photography contest.
“Are Inventions Inevitable?” A parrot that orders stuff using Alexa, by imitating its owner’s voice. I’ve been digging surfing the web using w3m, an old-school all-text browser; here’s how to instal it on a Mac. Hey, they’ve found two new deep-sea crustacean species! (“Two eyeless species of millimetric proportions,” to be precise.) Ur-drone-photography: A 1920 book on taking photos from biplanes. Here’s “The Coming Software Apocalypse“, a good long piece about how to manage increasingly complex code bases. What do you call a city of octopuses? A Stanford psychologist on the art of dealing with assholes. A wonderful tale of hunting a strange, gnarly software bug.


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  1. Ken Knudson

    Sometimes it’s fun to read something that’s so totally inscrutable that it’s somehow fascinating. That was my reaction to the gnarly software bug piece.

    1. Clive Post author

      Heh, yes. It was awfully clearly written — if you don’t know any software lingo the details will escape, but it still seemed follow-able enough even in their absence!


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