CGI model of what the first flower might have looked lke

A recreation of what the first flower might have looked like, 140 million years ago. A carbon-nanotube random-number generator. A comic strip about Lyft’s experiment in charging its employees to park at work. Why do porn sites have social-media “share” buttons? A cool list of coders’ side-projects. A guide to JOVIAL, a 60s-era embedded language the US military used for embedded systems. A hacker who has made a living, for twenty years, via exploits of the economics of online games. Quantum tunneling appears to not be instantaneous.


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  1. Ken Knudson

    A lot (well, most) of today’s physics is so far “out there” that I have no idea at all what these people are talking about. Quantum stuff might as well be Klingon, but I find it oddly fascinating anyway. They say even GPS uses quantum something-or-other — amazing times we live in…


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