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A lovely animated dataviz of all the Citibike rides in NYC in one day. And hey, more Citibike dataviz: Tracking the progress of a single bike, and comparing how different demographics use the cycles. Pictures of women weaving magnetic-core memory for computers in the 1950s. Follow @trumphop, which shows what Trump tweeted on this day, in years past. The guy who made the amazing web-story 17776 explains his inspiration. A good Twitter thread of tech folks talking about how they unplug after work. Electric cars are moving to one-pedal control, and changing the rhythms of driving. How the erosion of job security produced “the quitting economy”. “Why I’m learning Perl 6.”


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    1. Clive Post author

      Aha, that’s super interesting! There’s a great detail in that story:

      Professor Forrester abandoned digital computing in 1956, in part because he believed that the major innovations in the field had been made.

      “I still stand by that,” he said in the 2011 interview. “More happened in percentage improvements in digital computers from 1946, when they didn’t exist, to 1956, when they came into the modern era. I might not have envisioned how much smaller and faster they’d be, but the fundamental logic hasn’t changed.”

      He’s got a point, in a way! The delta between something going from not-existing to existing is immeasurably bigger than the delta from existing to being-radically-improved.


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