A projector that runs an Android interface on any surface. An anonymous programmer automates her/his job, and wonders: Should I tell my boss? The science of how to smile without looking like a creep. People with better memory appear to get bored more quickly. Why Intel’s updates to its chips increasingly involve new layers of complex microcode, or … “Why Hardware Is The New Software”. When you change your behavior because you’re worried about getting good ratings/likes/approval online, that’s “Social Cooling”. (Last two links via @gnat’s excellent “Four Short Links”.)


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  1. Ken Knudson

    It turns out that putting on a decent smile for a family photo is no easy task. Our grandkids look like deranged mannequins and I look like I need another beer. No wonder the Christie Brinkleys of the world are in such demand.

    1. Clive Post author

      There’s a whole plot point in “Gone Girl” where the husband of a missing/kidnapped woman has an inherently creepy smile, and it gets him in trouble whenever the media takes a picture of him.

      It’s a *great* book, BTW; if you haven’t read it, do!

      One trick I heard from models, years ago, is to always turn your head about 20 degrees away from the camera, but with your eyes look directly into the lens. It inherently decreepifies your smile and expression; among other things, you don’t have the “have you seen this man” look of a wanted-person poster.


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