Drawing of a computer logic loop by John von Neumann in a 1947 manual
Above, a logic loop drawn by John von Neumann in his 1947 manual on how to program an “electronic computing instrument”. Why are ticks so prevalent in 2017? Because of the ecological domino effects of a 2015 surge in acorns. Gripping photos of food from the famine surrounding a vanishing Lake Chad. A study of Google searches suggests that Americans are way more racist than they generally admit; it also finds an ominous surge in searches for DIY home abortions. “Neural networks for hackers”, a cool new MOOC by @sknthla. How Russia has been using Ukraine as a testbed for cyberattacks. And … a maglev elevator that can move both vertically and horizontally!


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  1. Aaron Davis

    I really enjoyed the podcast Clive. It really has me rethinking the way I write, both fast and slow. So agree about getting the idea down and then worrying about the sentences. Not spoken about enough, especially strategies to support it.

    Also really enjoying your random dump of links. I seem to find at least one link that send me off exploring each time.

    1. Clive Post author

      Glad you dig the link dumps! This originally began as a way to preserve, in one place, what I’ve been tweeting …. because tweets quickly vanish down the memory hole. I tried doing this in the spring, but kept on forgetting to do it. So a few weeks ago I wrote a Python script that, every day at 8:30, scrapes my twitter activity for the last 24 hours, extracts the links I’ve posted, and emails them to me. It works, so far, as a nice daily reminder!

      Which podcast are you speaking of? I think it might have been linked in a different post than the one we’re commenting on here …


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