Why the headquarters of evil megacorporations in sci-fi movies are always “brooding Late Modernist” architecture. Superb photography of video game arcades from the late 70s and early 80s. Scientists have discovered a molten river of iron “nearly as hot as the surface of the sun” that lies 3000 km below the surface of the earth, running between Russia and Canada, and it is picking up speed.  A programming language that consists solely of eight one-character commands, and an instruction pointer; here’s an explanation of how its “Hello World” program functions. Brianna Wu is running for congress! Why do so many doctors work crazy 24-to-36-hour shifts? “I know half my advertising spending is wasted on Russian botfarms that pseudoclick on procedurally astroturfed video sites, but I don’t know which half.” Help; I am addicted to this iOS racing game. My holiday reading is this new book of poetry that meditates on “the art of protest”. How David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post used his Twitter followers to do research impossible for any one individual to pull off. The company that made the Liberty Bell is, after 500 years, going out of business.


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