A gorgeous arpeggiated chord player, done in javascript. Jason Griffey issued a rousing call to his fellow librarians to resist disinfo, hate, and surveillance. That weird data-transfer standard for old modems — 9600 bps — emerged because of the reaction times of carbon microphones. Behold a lovely interactive dataviz of how various bachelors degree have risen (or fallen) in popularity since 1970. Why female online fan communities nurture amazing tech skills, and why they’re overlooked come hiring time. Testing Jane Jacobs’ theory of vibrant streets, using mobile-phone data. Waterguns in ice.


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  1. Michael b

    Thank you for sharing your discoveries, Clive!

    I think the “Waterguns in ice” link is incorrectly linking to the Jane Jacobs’ theory of vibrant streets link and I would love to learn what waterguns in ice is.

    1. Clive Post author

      Hi Michael! Thanks for pointing out the error – I fixed it. As it turns out, the link is not to anything particularly remarkable; it’s just to a picture I took on Instagram of a bucket full of frozen ice with water guns in bedded in it, heh: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOFeIRxj0S-/ … looks pretty cool, though.

      Glad you’re enjoying the updates!


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