“Bat men discovered on the moon”, an original piece of fake news, from 1865. Cloud life: About 20% of the bigger-sized particles in clouds are microbes, and they’re probably responsible for a lot of rain. What’s it like for a kid who grows up living in a NYC library? The ozone hole seemed like a terrifying threat to humanity, but international co-operation mostly repaired it. Stephen Wolfram wrote a fantastic account of being the scientific advisor to the movie Arrival; among other things, he wrote on-screen equations and his son wrote Wolfram code that appeared on-screen and actually, in real-life, analyzed the alien communications.


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  1. jeff

    Will you be doing these regularly, Clive? I just dropped Twitter altogether and realize I miss your links most of all!

    1. Clive Post author

      I’m trying to make it a habit!

      These links are, in general, the links I tweet … so if you’re not on Twitter this is basically a more efficient way of seeing what I tweet.

      It’s partly an aide-memoire for myself; collecting them here makes them a lot easier for me to re-find than scrolling through the nigh-infinite horizons of Twitter, and making them public is icing on the cake. If you hit the “notify me of follow-up posts by email” below, it’ll sign ya up to be emailed whenever I post, and my goal is to collate these a couple times a week!


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